Lead Generation in 2021

The year 2020 put all market players in non-standard conditions and forced them to promptly change their marketing strategy. Amid the pandemic, the requirements for the quality of lead generation have changed a lot. Vilma Khmaladze, CEO of Vilemus, managing partner of Openix Solutions, leader of Go Global World (USA, Maryland), spoke about how to build lead generation more efficiently in 2021 within the framework of business accelerator A: START.

Lead (from the English. Lead – “hook”) is a potential client of your product or service who has shown interest in a commercial proposal. For example, I went to the site, made an appointment, ordered a call back. Using attraction methods, such a person can be turned into a real customer.

Lead generation is a marketing tactic aimed at finding and forming a base of potential customers (lead) with specific contact information.

With the onset of the pandemic (in 2020) in America, advertising and marketing stopped working. Companies tried to reach customers and break through the “wall”, but it was impossible to do this – people were in a state of shock.

What has changed by 2021?

In 2021, the economy comes out of suspended animation and begins to grow again.

About three letter words: MQL, SQL and PQL

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) is a potential customer who meets the minimum criteria to continue marketing activities. Such a leader has shown interest in your business and understands what the company is doing.

SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) is a lead who has taken an action that clearly indicates his willingness to pay and become a paying customer. For example, I ordered a demo version or wanted to talk to the manager and ask questions. In other words, he has a need for your services / products and is almost ready to close a deal.

Product Qualified Lead (PQL) is a lead who already uses your product and comes to buy more.

Types of lead generation

Inbound (inbound) is a tactic for attracting customers with useful content adapted to user requests. For example, search engine optimization.

Outbound is a tactic designed to instantly evoke an emotional response from a customer and get them to buy a product without further hesitation. For example, trade shows, email marketing, cold calling.

Lead scoring

Lead scoring – metrics that help you understand the level of lead engagement and readiness to buy. For example, you can calculate through which channels leads come to you, which lead turned out to be the most effective, how much personal information the user provided, how he interacts with your site: how many is on the page, where he clicks, which pages he reads.

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