Johny Sins bio and net worth

I am a woman, which means I am an actress. There are a hundred faces in me, and thousands of roles. I am a woman – which means I am a queen. In love with all earthly kings.

Johny Sins bio and net worth

When I see this verse, the first thing that comes to mind is not a drunken, puking, independent and hefty hot girl in tight, shaggy, cellulite-covered thighs (like the moon with craters) leggings. No, it’s not her face, exhausted by vices and dementia, that comes to mind, but the shabby, ectoplasm-filled faces of porn actresses. Here there really are a thousand roles, a hundred faces (however, most often these faces freeze either in blissful languor, or choke on the actor's reproductive organ), and by the will of the profession, she is in love with all earthly kings at once.

The same story with porn actors, with the only amendment that they are in love with queens, and they do not choke on members. But, of course, there are all sorts of actors, of all kinds of genres, but they are not your comrades. Keiran Lee and Manuel Ferarra, Ron Jeremy and Johnny Sins. By the way, Johnny Sins net worth is about $5 millon, and he also seems like it's time to talk about him than not a hero of a generation. Everyone saw him, everyone knows what exactly he does, and his bald head, as well as a variety of roles, have long become memes. Even the chapters, the mustachioed "monster cock" of the 70s Nick Holmes was not so popular in his time. And the main punisher of all Internet wickedness of the 2011 model, Ben Gan, aka the Black Lord, is too “unconventional” to be a friend to all of us.

But Johnny is perfect for the role of friend and comrade to all of us. For the most part, even gays love masculine heterosexuals. Yeah! Come on baby, open your mouth! – Johnny, in his typical movie – Sins has become a comic benchmark for comparison. In many ways, of course, thanks to their activities.

But very little is known about the life of a bald plowman of stretched holes. If you don't want to know about his fate, close the site and go and watch Miss Congeniality, and we'll read about the mysterious star of the generation. After all, this man has impaled more porn actresses in his lifetime than we know of female names. Even fictional ones, even taking into account the Chinese ones.

So, everything that we managed to unearth about the hero of the generation. He was born in 1979, and over time began to flourish and turn into an athletic, pumped up, hairy (yes, he was not always bald) handsome man. But before making the actresses scream and writhe, he did some very boring things. For example, he received a degree, and he could do very decent things, but life now and then required some kind of movement and extreme sports.

Johny Sins, fitness trainer

Throwing a degree in about the same place where all porn actors bury shame and decency, he went to work as a fitness trainer, since he was seriously interested in sports all his life. And, different, from athletics, to the usual baseball. But even the gym did not give him satisfaction. In the depths of his soul, he knew that he was born for something else. Looking at the fifth points of the visitors, chained in sweatpants, he felt some strange desire, prompting the future actor: “You need a job where you can touch them for sweet spots, and not be afraid to get a harassment lawsuit.” So, having abandoned everything, from prospects to the respect of teachers, he went to Los Angeles, firmly understanding that for the next 15 years he would earn directly with his 19 centimeters. We did not take this figure from the ceiling, Johnny himself spoke about it.

By the way, Johnny is a pseudonym, in all documents he is recorded as Stephen Wolf. It would seem that it is also a good name for the porn industry, but not a single actor wants to light up his real name in rare credits. Too specific field of activity. The main thing is to choose a sharp, short, simple and memorable pseudonym. After much thought, J was chosen. The Sins. But even with such a pseudonym, porn luck did not smile at the guy with his stretched holes. The first months were spent in endless auditions at various porn studios. In order to somehow live, he had to earn extra money at several very irreverent jobs.

What makes people drop everything and go to work as a member? Disappointment in life? Underfuck? Idiocy? Boredom? Thirst for thrills? Inability to earn in the normal way? Propensity for whoredom? Probably all at once. These are not poor professional nets who were offered to earn good money, and then they got involved. This is not Ron Jeremy, whose nude photos were submitted by a friend to Playboy, this was a conscious desire. And here it’s worth envying Johnny’s persistence, his desire to know dozens of women, and even for money, knew no barriers, and after listening to so many refusals (he was too intelligent and indecisive for a future porn master), Digital Playground studio took him under his wing.

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