Best laptops for working from home

In connection with the pandemic and forced self-isolation, many had to master a new format of work. For those who work from home, it is important to properly equip the place and buy thebest laptops for working from home.

Best laptops for working from home

Computer or laptop?

You can use a desktop or laptop computer to equip your office at home. The latter option is more beneficial because:

  • takes up less space;
  • mobile, easy to take with you;
  • the presence of a battery gives some autonomy;
  • versatility – the basic package already includes a camera, microphone and other equipment necessary for work.

Even 10 years ago, a laptop with a computer could not be compared in terms of speed, functionality and cost. Now they are almost identical in characteristics.

Which model to choose

When setting up a home office, you need to decide which laptop is best for remote work. A huge assortment can confuse an ignorant person. First, designate the tasks that will need to be solved using a computer, and then choose a model that meets your needs.


  • performance;
  • characteristics of RAM – volume, frequency;
  • type of hard disk;
  • video card characteristics;
  • the presence of the necessary interfaces and the type of OS;
  • battery capacity.

We have compiled a ranking of the best models for remote work in 2020, taking into account all these criteria.

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